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August 19, 2020

Honored to Be an Ally-Level Supporter of Local Non-Profit— Reunion Coffee House

One Solution Studio has recently earned recognition as an Ally Sponsor for the continuous support of Community Uplift Partnership (CUP).

Founder and Creative Director, Damian Engel, explains, “Weathering the recession means more than just pivoting our studio and helping clients do the same in their marketing—it’s supporting our neighbors and community as well.”

Keely Thompson, Executive Director at CUP, has been gracefully leading her team out of the storm caused by COVID-19; re-opening safely, getting the word out to their customers, and re-engaging their customers at the Reunion Coffee Shop.

The studio’s Project Manager, Danielle Foster, and the design team have been assisting with design assets for fundraising events and brochures.

“When COVID-19 hit, there was a pause for upcoming event assets and we switched gears to focus on the new donor brochure, which highlights the charity’s mission, the genuine need in the community, and their outcomes,” says Foster. “What they are doing is compelling, and from a business perspective, just works!”

The Reunion Coffee House is situated in an idyllic spot in the Reunion master-planned community. Their patio faces a stunning view of the community lakes, a 52-acre central park, and the Rocky Mountains in the distant west.

They bring coffee-desperate patrons who need a reprieve from busy life, together with at-risk youth who are enrolled in CUP’s apprentice programs. “It’s the perfect scenario—the coffee house gets a stream of foot traffic from coffee-loving families in the area, and the youth who apprentice there benefit from the very positive atmosphere while they embark on a journey that will set them up for life,” says Foster.

With plans to continue their support efforts, One Solution Studio regularly stops at the Reunion Coffee Shop to grab a cup of joe or recharge their creative energy with a delicious scone. To learn more about CUP or to become a donor, download their new donor brochure here.

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