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Paid Advertising

Drawing on our extensive 17-year background in online marketing, we have developed an exceptional ability to utilize a variety of paid advertising strategies, including paid search, display, remarketing, and video advertising, to generate highly targeted traffic to our clients’ websites and landing pages.

Paid Search Advertising

Our partnership with you is grounded in delivering tangible outcomes, and the success of paid search marketing is evaluated through ROI. Our team is dedicated to generating exceptional ROI by analyzing actual data and crafting conversion-oriented campaigns on a daily basis. This encompasses:
  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Negative Keyword Pruning
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Manual Bid Optimization
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Search Engine Retargeting
Paid Search
Paid Social

Paid Social Advertising

At One Solution Studio, we offer support in creating and overseeing advertising campaigns on various social media platforms. Our services can cater to your target audience, and we can aid with promoted tweets on Twitter, sponsored posts on LinkedIn, Facebook banner ads, and other relevant options to ensure the success of your campaign.
  • Lead Ads
  • Smoke Tests
  • Dynamic Ad Creative
  • Carousel Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Tracking Pixel Installation
  • Conversion Tracking Set Up
  • Placement Specific Creative
  • Shopify Integration
  • Product Catalog Integration

Remarketing Advertising

If visitors are leaving your website without converting, One Solution Studio has the solution. Our remarketing ads enable you to reconnect with lost website visitors via search, display, and social media. Not only can remarketing ads assist with customer retention, but studies reveal that businesses can achieve higher profits by retaining existing customers than by acquiring new ones. Through our effective remarketing ads, we can help keep your brand top-of-mind and provide customers with a clear path down your sales funnel.

Targeting is based on:

  • Specific product, category, or service pages visited
  • Combinations of website pages visited
  • Ad engagement
  • Previous purchases
Remarketing Advertising
Display Advertising

Display Advertising

If you’re struggling to see results with your Google Display Ads, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to get display ads just right, and all too easy to see little or no return on your investment. However, with the right strategy in place, display advertising can play a vital role in your overall digital marketing strategy.

At One Solution Studio, we specialize in developing and executing comprehensive plans that leverage the display network to help your business grow. With our assistance, you can effectively harness the power of display advertising and achieve your marketing goals.

All of our PPC managers hold certification in Google Display Advertising and possess extensive experience in achieving tangible outcomes through the Display Network. Our services encompass:

  • Pre-built affinity & in-market audience selection

  • Custom intent & custom affinity audience building
  • Placement management
  • Frequency capping
  • Responsive display ad & image ad development
  • Ongoing audience management

Video Advertising

As YouTube is owned by Google, it’s not surprising that it has become the second-largest search engine in the world, only surpassed by Google itself. With Google’s mastery of search engine advertising, YouTube has emerged as a dominant player in the digital advertising landscape.

Leveraging YouTube’s extensive reach can be an effective way to promote your business, but it’s crucial to avoid squandering your budget on irrelevant video views. At One Solution Studio, we ensure that your ads are displayed to the most relevant audiences to optimize the impact of your marketing spend.

We have experience producing ROI with all YouTube ad formats:

  • In-stream ads

  • Video discovery ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Masthead ads
Video Advertising
eCommerce Advertising

eCommerce Advertising

At One Solution Studio, our primary focus is on expanding your e-commerce business, and it all begins with profitability. Our core strategies are customized to optimize revenue and drive profits from your campaigns.

To accomplish your objectives, we will develop customized strategies utilizing advanced in-house tools and create campaigns that will generate consistent growth. Experience the impact that a profit-driven agency can have on your business today.

  • Google Merchant Center set up
  • Facebook product feed integration
  • Shopify integration
  • Bing Merchant Center set up
  • Product feed optimization
  • Waterfall segmentation
  • Bing shopping ads
  • Dynamic product remarketing
  • Bing Shopping Ads
  • Amazon ads management
  • Local inventory ads
  • Custom reports and dashboards
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