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Johnson Brunetti
Johnson Brunetti

Website Design & Development, Site Architecture

Johnson Brunetti was suffering from what many businesses experience with their aging website. An aesthetic that does not align with current design trends, a structure that no longer supports the current business needs, a build that is difficult to manage and update in-house, load times too slow for user attention span, and code that does not support proper SEO requirements.

One Solution Studio designed and developed an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage website that organized the vast amount of content and content types the business had to offer into a user-friendly resource library. New service pages were created and dynamic content was used where applicable to keep the entire site easily managed from single sources of data.

Nina Demeter
Nina Demeter | Digital Marketing Manager
“One Solution Studio is extremely proactive and responsive to our company’s needs. The quality of their work is incredible and they charge a fair rate for their service. The team is thorough and organized and we rest easy knowing that they are here for us and our business.”
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