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June 1, 2023

A Conversation with Rick Leach, Industry Leader and Innovator at Crowd Content

Join us on this episode of Digital Decoded as we dive into the dynamic world of content creation with industry leader, Rick Leach, director of content creation at Crowd Content.

In our discussion, we dissect the basics of content creation, dispelling prevalent misconceptions and delineating the actual elements that lead to compelling copy. We examine the conventional wisdom about who is capable of creating quality content, highlighting the need for a broader understanding.

Rick offers up some common sense approaches to quantifying the success of copywriting and emphasizing the significance of staying on the pulse of emerging trends in this rapidly shifting landscape.

Undeniably, the advent of AI has introduced a seismic shift in the content creation industry. Rick touches on how he and his team at Crowd Content have adapted to this technological evolution, and most importantly, their blueprint to navigate future AI enhancements.


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