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19 Episodes

Welcome to the Digital Decoded podcast, where we unravel the art of digital marketing under the light of new market realities shaped by the complexities and intricacies of today’s technology. In each episode, your host Damian Engel, will discuss the latest trends, share insights and strategies, and explore new ideas around the technologies that make up most marketing stacks. He will deconvolute and deconstruct the process of creating high value marketing assets for both outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just beginning your journey in the digital marketing realm, this podcast is designed to support your growth and success. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the digital marketing world and elevate our businesses and careers to new heights.

Digital Decoded Podcast Series

With Damian Engel


Mastering B2B Email Templates: Coding for Outlook Compatibility

Get ready to optimize your B2B email templates for seamless rendering in Outlook! In this focused video, we’ll be talking about the essential coding techniques to ensure your email designs appear flawlessly across various Outlook versions. Discover th…

Reclassifying a Website’s Budget From Marketing to Operational

Reclassifying a business’s website expenses from the marketing budget to the operational budget acknowledges the website’s multifaceted role within the organization. This shift enables companies to allocate the necessary resources for maintaining and …

How to Setup Your DNS to Allow 3rd Party Systems to Send Email Using Your Domain Name

In this video, we will be taking a look at what DNS records you will need to modify to provide 3rd party system the authority to send email on your domain’s behalf.

Best Practices for Migrating Blog Content to a New Website

In this podcast we explore the options of migrating your blog content and when each option should be used based on the quality of the content published on the original website.

A Plugin Stack For a Successful WordPress Website

In this video, we’ll be exploring some essential plugins that we use to build successful WordPress websites. Below are the plugins we reviewed in the video with links to each so you can explore each in more detail. WordPress – The leading cont…

Should We Stay with WordPress?

Ask me anything session with Amanda Huggett. Amanda approached us with a question about whether the non-profit organization, “Cat Care Society,” she works for should continue using WordPress or consider transitioning to a Software as a Service (SaaS) …

How to Avoid Content Delays When Launching a New Website

When a business gets caught up in its website content and it leads to delays in the launch, it’s essential to refocus and prioritize to get back on track.  Here’s some advice to help with that: Prioritize content: Identify the most importa…

Digital Decoded Introduction

A quick introduction from Damian Engel.